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Transforming Lives: The Impactful Alliance of PASCO HORIZON and Fresh Start Mentorship

Our collaboration with Fresh Start Mentorship is a vital step towards enhancing our mission at PASCO HORIZON Inc.

Fresh Start Mentorship's established reputation and experience in guiding individuals through transformative journeys provide us with invaluable insights and proven strategies.

By partnering with them, we can deepen our impact on women on probation in Pasco County.

We bring to the table our dedicated team, committed to empowering these women to complete their probation successfully and positively transform their lives.

This collaboration not only broadens our resource pool but also strengthens our community ties, ensuring a more robust support system for the women we serve. Together, we are better equipped to make a significant, lasting impact in our community.

To learn more about the amazing work Fresh Start Mentorship is doing, visit



About Us


PASCO HORIZON Inc. is a faith-based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women on probation in Pasco County. We focus on guiding, mentoring, and advocating for these women, aiding them in successfully completing their probation and reintegrating into the community. Our approach combines empathy, respect, and effective communication, underpinned by a commitment to sharing hope and facilitating transformation. As a tax-exempt entity, we collaborate closely with local probation offices, judicial systems, and community partners, striving to reduce recidivism and help these women become pillars of our community.



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