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Pasco Horizon Inc. Welcomes Herb Schluderberg as Vice President of the Board

Pasco Horizon Inc. is excited to announce that Herb Schluderberg, the current President of Fresh Start Mentoring, has joined our board as Vice President. This strategic alignment between our organizations underscores our shared commitment to community transformation and empowerment.

Herb brings a wealth of experience to Pasco Horizon, having founded and served as President of Fresh Start Mentoring for the past 15 years. He has an extensive background in the banking sector and served as a chaplain in the Pinellas County Jail for over a decade. His leadership at Clearwater Community Church in Dunedin further exemplifies his dedication to service and community enrichment.

Under Herb’s leadership, Fresh Start Mentoring has significantly reduced recidivism rates in Pinellas County, as evidenced by positive feedback from local probation offices. These achievements highlight the impact of his visionary approach to mentoring and rehabilitation.

By maintaining his position as President at Fresh Start, Herb facilitates a unique partnership that leverages his dual roles to foster collaboration between both organizations. This arrangement allows Pasco Horizon and Fresh Start Mentoring to share resources and strategies, enhancing our collective ability to serve and uplift the community.

We at Pasco Horizon are enthusiastic about integrating Fresh Start’s successful mentoring techniques into our programs, particularly those aimed at supporting women on probation and drug court in Pasco County. With Herb’s guidance, we are poised to extend our outreach and effectiveness, embodying our dedication to integrity and transformative support.

Please join us in welcoming Herb Schluderberg to our leadership team. Together, we are committed to making a profound and positive impact in the lives of those we serve in Pasco County.



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PASCO HORIZON Inc. is a faith-based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women on probation in Pasco County. We focus on guiding, mentoring, and advocating for these women, aiding them in successfully completing their probation and reintegrating into the community. Our approach combines empathy, respect, and effective communication, underpinned by a commitment to sharing hope and facilitating transformation. As a tax-exempt entity, we collaborate closely with local probation offices, judicial systems, and community partners, striving to reduce recidivism and help these women become pillars of our community.



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