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IPasco Horizon Hand Cuffs breaking free
Image by Rosie Sun

Pasco Horizon, Inc.

Our Story

Freedom, Faith, Transformation

PASCO HORIZON Inc. was born from a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by women on probation or parole in Pasco County. Recognizing the critical need for support and guidance in this area, our faith-based organization was established with a clear vision: to stand in the gap for these women, offering them not just assistance, but a path towards true transformation. We are driven by the belief that every woman deserves a chance to rebuild her life, and our mission is to ensure they receive the fair treatment, support, and resources necessary for their successful completion of probation.

From our inception, the focus of PASCO HORIZON Inc. has been on reducing recidivism by empowering women through mentoring, advocacy, and a network of support. Our dedicated approach goes beyond mere assistance; it's about fostering hope and facilitating a positive change that echoes throughout the community. We strive to be a beacon of hope, ensuring that the women we assist are not only able to successfully complete their probation but also reintegrate into the community as pillars of strength and resilience​​.

Our Services

Job Interview Skills and Resume Building Classes

 We provide practical workshops focusing on enhancing job interview techniques and crafting effective resumes. These classes are designed to boost the confidence and employability of our clients, equipping them with essential skills for their career advancement.

Education Guidance and Job Placement Assistance

Recognizing the power of education and stable employment in transforming lives, we offer guidance in educational pursuits and assistance in job placement. Our aim is to help women find pathways to fulfilling and sustainable careers.


Through our mentoring program, we offer personal and emotional support. Our mentors, who are trained and compassionate, guide our clients through their journey, offering advice, encouragement, and a listening ear.

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